Cyclopedia of Education 1911 Paul Monroe

The Cyclopedia of Education copyright in 1911 edited by Paul Monroe is in 4 volumes. The volumes often bear various dates.  The copyright has expired.

Archive Volume 1

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Some recommended articles are addition, arithmetic, and arithmetic, hygiene.  For last, see page 240 of pdf, 207 page number in book.

William H. Burnham, Professor of Pedagogy and School Hygiene at Clark University wrote the arithmetic hygiene article.  This article says that arithmetic has no value for teaching thinking and should be reduced in importance.

William H. Burnham may have played a negative role towards math education as seen by mathematicians.   He also was against too much math homework.  He also seems to think math for the few not the many.

Burnham Hygiene of Home Study 1905

He quotes Schmidt conclusions

The daily preparation of home tasks should be avoided, since it is shown that this is accompanied with a tendency to routine and superficial work, while such pupils as prepare no tasks at home show in a home test both in content and form better productions, which in a typical case may even surpass the school work.

3 In city schools with instruction both in the forenoon and afternoon, home tasks should clearly be omitted. The same is true for the winter schools in the country.

4. Written home tasks in arithmetic should be omitted, since their quality is inferior.


Also later Dr. Mayer:

In general the result of the work of the pupils in groups was superior to their work as individuals. This appeared not only in the decrease of time but in the superior quality of the work done.

Burnham and even these two temper these conclusions some what.  But basically, we see the group work and no homework movement already in 1905.







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