Re Patricia Sullivan WaPo Alexandria named most well-read city by Amazon

Patricia Sullivan at  Washington Post writes

“Alexandria named most well-read city by Amazon”

This is Alexandria, Virginia.

The Book Bank is singled out as one of the few surviving book stores.  I have bought books there.

We had an Olsson’s Books and Records on Union Street, but Olsson’s closed in 2008.   John Olsson died in 2010.  You could buy recent books with autographs from the authors at this store.  They also had used books.

We had a Books a Million at 501 King and that closed.

Before that we had a Crown Books in that same store which closed in 2001.    Crown Books was already in trouble in 1997 according to the Motley FoolCrown Books was founded in 1977 by Robert Haft.

In the 1990s we had Ptak’s Science Book Store on North Fairfax Street.  That was a math and science warehouse of used books.  I ended up with some of Fritz John’s books through Ptak, but that was later through his Georgetown store.  Ptak was bought out from Georgetown, his entire inventory.  But his store continues on line.

I bought “Introduction to Metamathematics” by Stephen Cole Kleene for 75 dollars at the Old Town store.  Also G. L. Isaacs, Real Numbers for 16 dollars.   Edmund Landau “Foundations of Analysis” I bought used for 3 dollars, but I am not sure if I got it from Ptak or not.

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2 Responses to Re Patricia Sullivan WaPo Alexandria named most well-read city by Amazon

  1. Don Alexander says:

    We at Book Bank also regret the passing of so many Alexandria bookstores. We’re tryiing to hang in there (now celebrating our 11th birthday with a big sale) but we can use all the friends we can get!

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