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Multiplication of Negative Numbers Recursive Continuation

Recently, the subject of how to teach or justify rules for multiplication of negative numbers has come out.  The following is an approach based on the Peano Axioms. Natural numbers are 0, S(0), S(S(0))), … 1= 0′. S(0) = 1 … Continue reading

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Re Austin Frakt High deductible health plans have a math problem

Austin Frakt has a very insightful post on the growth of health care premiums for low and high deductible plans.   He shows in a simple case that the percentage growth in the health care premium for a high deductible plan … Continue reading

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Jamie Dimon JP Morgan testimony and math tests for legislators

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase testified to the House oversight committee on financial services on Wednesday June 19, 2012. He had testified to the Senate committee on June 13, 2012. This was in regards to … Continue reading

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Re dy/dan An Incomplete History Of The Math Edublogosphere

The blog dy/dan by Dan Meyer has a post titled An incomplete history of the math edublogsphere.  This has a comment thread of math teachers who blog and apparently regularly follow dy/dan. Number 7 Jeanette links to This in … Continue reading

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Re Derek Thompson Forget Edison: This Is How History’s Greatest Inventions Really Happened

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic discusses a history of invention. Forget Edison: This Is How History’s Greatest Inventions Really Happened The world’s most famous inventors are household names. As we all know, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Alexander Graham … Continue reading

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Re Lisa Gartner Fairfax to base 40% of teacher evaluations on student progress

Lisa Gartner at the Washington Examiner reports that Fairfax County Virginia will now base 40 percent of teacher evaluations on student “achievement”.  This was the minimum they were able to use under New Child Left Behind. Fairfax to base 40% … Continue reading

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Re: AP WaPo Independent bookstores embrace digital publishing with ‘espresso’ book machine

Washington Post talks about print on demand at independent bookstores of independent authors. WaPo story based on AP My comment there: This is an interesting option.  I would like to support independent bookstores.   I have an e-book out on Pre-Algebra … Continue reading

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Teacher Quality Roadmap, Daubert and Due Process Firing Teachers

Firing teachers over student test scores is unproven science and at this stage it is pseudo-science.  Due process of law under the Daubert standard requires that scientific evidence be subject to proof.    One document in support of teacher firing is … Continue reading

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FIRST(R) Robotics Competition

Top high schools compete in a robotics competition. 5 of 10 of top high schools in competition. USFIRST FRC Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is on the list, the team name is Carpe Robotum.  

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Re: Thomas Jefferson High School Letter from Algebra 2/Trigonometry Professional Learning Community

The  Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology is having problems admitting students who are not prepared for math.  This has created a scandal being followed by Emma Brown at the Washington Post and Lisa Gartner at the Washington … Continue reading

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