#mtt2k Joe Wagner Backpack.tv defense of Khan Academy

Joe Wagner of Backpack.tv has posted a defense of Khan Academy at Youtube.  The main purpose of this blog post is to summarize his defense and allow others to post comments on this defense.  The defense is posted at Youtube where people can comment as well.

Joe Wagner of Backpack TV In Defense of Khan Academy



Joe Wagner co-founded a school.


Backpack.tv may have a relationship to another video math site, which is free.


Under schools they list

Julie Harland has math videos at Youtube.


At this point I will give up checking the video sources.  Presumably they are all part of a free business model at this point.

= Joe Wagner defense of Khan Academy

From the Joe Wagner video I got the following points.

  1. Khan Academy valuable resource
  2. Free, accessible, learn something new.
  3. Is it a substitute for class, teacher, homework,
    books?  no.
  4. A really good supplement.
  5. Are there errors?  certainly.
  6. Khan has shown willingness to fix such errors.
  7. Errors will be fewer in the future.
  8. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  9. Khan great resource for kids.

Joe Wagner or others viewing the video, please feel free to correct or amend this list in the comments.


This is an impressive list of resources, organizations and individuals that Backpack.tv has assembled.   What Backpact.TV’s ultimate business model and financial backing is something I am interested in understanding more.

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1 Response to #mtt2k Joe Wagner Backpack.tv defense of Khan Academy

  1. jcwags says:

    Thanks for summarizing my video response to the Mystery Teacher Theater 2000 and in defense of Khan Academy. Great to be part of the discussion.

    Regarding Backpack TV, with the help of many bright and dedicated high school and college interns, we have viewed and curated several thousand academic videos. The videos are categorized by subject, topic, school, and teacher. We have developed relationships with many excellent schools and teachers and are hoping to enhance our library by adding additional teachers. Our goal is provide students a convenient site where they can quickly find education videos to help them learn. The site is not intended at all as a substitute for school but rather as a valuable supplement. My strong personal view is that parents and teachers will continue to play the leading role in K-12 education, but technology, including education videos, can play a helpful role. Backpack TV is self-funded by me, and our business model is to remain free to users with Creative Commons (CC NC) videos being free of adds. Other videos will include ads so that we can pay teachers for the right to use their videos. We may offer a subscription down the road that would enable ad free streaming of all videos.

    This summer and fall, we are adding features including playlists and the linking of videos to textbook lessons. We also are hoping to improve the speed of the site which is painfully slow at present. If you have suggestions, we welcome them. Visit us today at http://www.backpack.tv

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