#mtt2k Khan Academy Videos Draft of Charges Preliminary

John Golden and David Coffey have posted another episode in their Mystery Teacher Theatre 2000 series.


Based on this video, the following might be summarized as a possible set of charges against Khan.  I don’t say this is my conclusion, just what it is that he or his defenders should answer.

1) The overall effect is sloppy and fuzzy.

2) Sloppy a) interruption in middle not edited out b) error in arithmetic that was caught at his website by viewers and annotated by Khan  c) thinking itself and general deportment.

3) Fuzzy  a) Matrix is table of numbers as opposed to an object that has data, procedures, and operations on two or more matrices b) no concept that matrices form an algebraic set with various properties.

4) The student will likely not come away from this with distinct lessons or take aways.

5) Even as a procedural video to teach the rule for adding matrices element by element it is not very effective.  The sloppiness and fuzziness undermine the effectiveness to such an extent that the effectiveness as a pure procedural video to teach addition of matrices is low.

6) Khan in effect disrespects the viewers by his fuzziness, sloppiness, lack of preparation, excessive time wasting, errors left in videos, failure to review them for accuracy or clarity, and inability to do a professional job.

7) There is a lack of a sense of a quality in the professional standard that must be met.

8) There is a lack of concept of competition challenge from others that has to be met.

9) In terms of a credentialed professions with standards of practice, Khan does not recognize that teaching or math have such and he does not attempt to meet them.

10) Khan is not the best teacher in America.

11) A flipped classroom with this video is a disrespect to students and parents to have their time wasted beforehand.

12) The video may create substantial misconceptions and class time have to be spent trying to repair those.

13) Some students will form misconceptions from seeing this video before class that persist after the class.

14) At least one study I saw stated that weak students taught poor procedural lessons may form lasting misconceptions that are hard to overcome.  Khan’s video falls into this class.  Thus the weakest students who watch these in a flipped classroom approach may be substantially harmed by them.

I will likely amend or revise this list based on criticism by others.  It is just a preliminary draft.


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