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When did Mathematical Thinking start?

To people whose experience of mathematics does not extend far, if at all, beyond the high school math class, I think it’s actually close to impossible for them to really grasp what mathematical thinking is. If high school math … Continue reading

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Doing physics

The phrase “doing physics” is widely used.  It was used when I was a Ph.D. student in the early 1980s. “doing physics”  

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SAT reasoning math ie math thinking prior to college

The “SAT reasoning math” section tests reasoning in math.  This is given to high school students. Stanford uses this test to assess the ability to reason in math. Thus math thinking does occur prior to college is the official position … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Thread Fridays Did NSA Build that Google?

Obama said you didn’t build that. Was it Google he was thinking of?  Obama has reports saying NSA built the Google search engine and runs it and maintains it?

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Coursera MOOC or MOOCPIT?

Coursera is the Great Stanford for us little boys to peep about its great legs?  Or is the MOOC simply a dumping ground of bad lectures, bad lecture notes, too few examples and poor explanations of homework problems? See the … Continue reading

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Re Michael Genesereth CS157: Computational Logic

I am thinking of taking the Introduction to Logic at Coursera by Michael Genesereth.  The videos are up for Coursera but not the materials.  However, at Stanford CS157: Computational Logic, there are materials posted. It appears roughly or perhaps … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney appears in my dream and agrees to teach Peano Axioms

After Mitt Romney’s speech, which I sort of watched, while studying Stanford CS157 logic materials, I went to sleep.  I dreamed that I met Mitt Romney and that he agreed to the Peano Axioms being taught starting in first grade.  … Continue reading

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