The end of teacher tenure Peano Axioms a way to keep fresh

Teacher tenure is being eroded and is on its way to be ended.

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Teacher tenure in the US is collapsing.   The labor market for professionals has weakened because of large scale immigration problems.    This applies to engineers, nurses, computer programmers, etc.  Before the 1965 Immigration Act and subsequent increases, workers had effective tenure because workers were scarce.  Now there are more workers than jobs.  The other professions have taken a hit in bargaining power and so now it is the turn of teachers.

Teachers now face the same drive as computer programmers to lower wages by replacing them in mid career at high wages with low wage visa workers.  This may be the main aim of the Gates Foundation.

In addition, the low performance of ever growing demographic groups means teachers are not worth paying.    If they will do poorly no matter what then teachers are not worth the cost if they make no difference anyhow.  This is seen in the bankruptcy of cities in California.

Do we know that such demographics will continue to perform poorly?  The Supreme Court in Brown v Board of Education wrote that 50 years is enough time to tell.   1965 to 2015 is 50 years, so it is enough time to tell.

This leaves teachers needing a strategy to survive. They will be blamed for poor performance of large demographic groups, since the establishment won’t admit the reality.  It is PC to blame teachers, so they will be.

Teachers need to try to get to a good school system and even think of teaching as a way station to something else.

Improving their understanding of elementary math is one way for teachers to stand out.  Current knowledge of Peano Axioms and proofs of the laws of arithmetic based on them is low among teachers.  This is a way to stand out.

In addition, the Peano Axioms teach recursion.  Recursion is a way to understand probability.  It is also a way to do advanced finance calculations.  Those are areas that will have high demand and pay.

Fortunately, there is a below college text on Peano Axioms and proofs.  It spends 391 pages to go from basic set theory and the Peano Axioms to just the definition of addition and proofs of addition laws.  This compares to 10 to 20 pages at web pages of math profs or in textbooks.

=Blurb on book

The book has 178 Examples, 463 Exercises, 98 definitions, 45 Lemmas with proofs, references to over 96 webpages, 58 chapters, and is 391 pages when formatted as pdf with Latex.

Typical treatments of the Peano Axioms cover the same material as in the book in about 20 pages or less. They usaully have few examples and the few exercises are as difficult as the theory.

In contrast, this text has many examples too trivial for the current texts on the Peano Axioms to cover. Building at a very slow pace with many numerical examples, the reader is taken through the Peano Axioms themselves, simple consequences, order of natural numbers, and simple identities used to prove the properties of addition. This build up includes many very simple proofs by mathematical induction.

There are no quadratic or higher algebraic formulas in the book. Complicated algebra formulas are the main stumbling block to learning mathematical induction. None are in the book, yet there are many worked out proofs of simple relationship using mathematical induction and simple problems for students to do.

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And college math and math ed professors,  your turn is next to fall to the low wage immigration machine of the Gates Foundation and Silicon Valley.  You might want to improve your knowledge of elementary math from a math foundations point of view.  You might want to learn how to teach it at a slow space like in this text instead of drop 10 to 20 pages and say it is the pre-service teachers fault they can’t learn it from so few pages with so few examples.

As new math teachers graduate having been taught the Peano Axioms and proofs based on them, older no longer tenured math teachers can be fired and replaced at lower cost.

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Author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms. A below college level self study book on the Peano Axioms and proofs of the associative and commutative laws of addition. President of Mathematical Finance Company. Provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.
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