Using math to defeat the large entity chokehold

Large entities have a chokehold on many key parts of the economy.   One goal of math is to change that.

Large entities enjoy advantages.

  1. Reputation for quality.
  2. Reputation control on employees.
  3. Reputation control on vendors.
  4. Reputation control on customers for using their products and services.
  5. Social currency.
  6. Oligopoly.
  7. Low cost of capital.
  8. Favorable treatment from federal government.
  9. Favorable treatment from state and local governments.
  10. Jurisdiction arbitrage.
  11. Ability to come close to breaking law or even break it because the government will conspire in letting them do so.
  12. Lobbying power with all 3 branches of government.
  13. Linkages to other large entities.
  14. High level employee linkages to other high level employees of large entities.
  15. Control of the regulatory agenda of major political parties.
  16. Control of immigration policy.
  17. Control of credentialing.
  18. Ability to systematically deny employment in certain fields.
  19. Advantages in bargaining.
  20. Legal leverage.
  21. Ability to afford lawsuits.
  22. Ownership of intellectual property.

Individuals and small entities have to find ways to undo this.   One key is reputation, quality and transparency.  The other is cost.  Their networks and their legal power.

Small players need to find ways to negotiate and combine on all these fronts and reduce the costs of negotiation and combination.

Search engines like Google are a form of math that does this.

Market making has to be developed alongside this.  This includes markets in intellectual property and in supply chains of small players that can come together quickly and synchronize their behavior in cooperative ways.

Big Education is part of the Big Entity Network.  Bill Gates has a strategy of Big Foundations to help cement the Big Entity Network and the Big Billionaires Network to keep control over the economy, society and credentialing.

Defeating this credentialing control has to be the aim of individuals and smaller players.   Individuals have lost effective bargaining power as seen by stagnant wages.  The one exception are government employee unions. Those are about to collapse because of the disparity of their pay and benefits to everyone else.

Collapsing government employee unions, pay and benefits is a major goal of the Big Foundation Network.   Big Testing is part of that approach.

By holding down wages, lowering employment to population ratios for men, and increasing the size of individual debt, the large entity network has reduced the residual spending ability of the middle class. This prevents the middle class supporting small entities and individuals.

The large entities have already spoken for all the income of individuals and by having somewhat lower prices in big boxes and big sellers, they deny individuals any residual buying power to support alternatives.

This includes choking 3rd parties of money so they can’t even have ballot access. The GOP prevented the Constitution Party from ballot access in Pennsylvania not by finding invalid signatures but by threatening to impose legal costs on the Constitution Party. So CP gave up before courts even ruled.


About New Math Done Right

Author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms. A below college level self study book on the Peano Axioms and proofs of the associative and commutative laws of addition. President of Mathematical Finance Company. Provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.
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