AEI Solving America’s mathematics education problem

AEI Solving America’s mathematics education problem

The past thirty years have witnessed a 20-point increase in average math SAT scores but a 25 percent drop in the proportion of college students who major in math-intensive subjects.

This is caused in part by H-1b visas and foreign students clogging the grad schools in math intensive subjects, thus discouraging Americans to even major in them.  Bill Gates pushes H-1b visas which hurt math education.

Parents of STEM students need to join NumbersUSA, which is free, and send faxes for free to stop immigration.

In Virginia, Kaine and Allen both say they want to let foreign students get instant visas and green cards.  Both Romney and Obama support that as well.  Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party wants to have a moratorium on green cards and to end H-1b type visas.  If this is not done, more and more students will avoid STEM in college and thus not go to STEM in grad school.  This is by design by the Bill Gates networks.

AEI filed for 2 H-1b visas in 2011 at an average salary of 41,500.  That is low for the DC area.

AEI is a heavy advocate for H-1b.  They are part of the network of billionaires and think tanks funded by billionaires that advocate against STEM students.  If you are the parent of a STEM student you have to fight the AEI Gates Foundation network that will take away good jobs.

The salary of $41,500 a year means your child when they graduate from college will have a long road of debt repayment.  Gates and AEI are not advocates for your children when what they want is to pay them low wages.

Virgil Goode green card moratorium

Whoever you support let them know you support a green card moratorium and an end to visa programs like H-1b.  Otherwise your STEM graduate will face unfair competition and low wages.





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