Fire CEOs when stock price goes down for a year?

If the stock price for a calendar year of a stock goes down, then fire the CEO?   This is high stakes testing by stakeholders.  Gates should approve.

Does Buffet sell shares if they go down in a year?

61: “Studies of teacher effectiveness show much variability. Few instructors stay at the top or bottom statistically year after year. A study of five Florida districts from 2000 to 2005, including Hillsborough, found that only half the teachers ranked in the top 20 percent one year were in the top 40 percent the next. Tying teacher jobs to student gains “isn’t as simple and straightforward as some people think it is,” says Gene Wilhoit, executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers in Washington, a recipient of Gates funding. “We’re a bit concerned that others aren’t raising these kinds of issues. We’re also concerned, if you do raise these issues, it’s seen as making excuses or pulling back from commitments””

Above quote is in article link above, quoting from

Golden, Daniel. 2010. “Teachers’ Pest.” Bloomberg Businessweek (19-25 July): pp. 58-63.


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