Samos Tunnel NASA lessons for K-12

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Project Mathematics! “The Tunnel of Samos”

Target: Grades 9-12

Length: 30 minutes

Tells the story of a Greek engineer, Eupalinos of Megara. In the 6th century B.C., Eupalinos excavated a thousand meter tunnel straight through the heart of a mountain located on the Island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. This program describes the method used, as well as alternate methods proposed by scholars in modern times. The program also shows that the problem of delivering fresh water to large populations has been an ongoing human endeavor since ancient times.

To order a copy of this video, please visit the Central Operation of Resources for Educators Web site.

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Building the tunnel was mathematical thinking.  Learning about it is mathematical thinking.  And this is suitable for grades 9-12.

Also materials for teachers:

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The Greeks tunneled a water tunnel from two sides of a mountain.  This was mathematical thinking.

Tom M. Apostol writes on this.

Apostol wrote a calculus book widely admired as more conceptual than others.  He also wrote a mathematical analysis text that is considered better than Rudin by many.


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