Community Teaching 90

Community Teaching 90 is the proposal that 90 percent of public school students get community teaching.  This means volunteers not professional teachers.  The volunteers would typically teach a single one hour period per day.  They could be paid up to 3000 dollars a year or even semester depending on their ability.  In addition, they could earn a higher percentage on their Ryan Medicare Voucher.  So they could nudge up from 25 percent to 30 or even 35 or 40 percent for many years service.

The ten percent of students who get professional teachers would be designated the John Winthrop Elect.  Of these 1 in 10 would be capable of mathematical thinking in the sense of Devlin and the others would become the jobbers and operators who manage the new 19th century America taking shape with mass 3rd world immigration.

This is Steve World. Created by Steve Jobs and described by Steve Sailer.  In Steve World, which is the 19th century America of mass immigration and rags to riches and stock market manipulation, we have a group of 9 percent operators and jobbers who manage the lower rungs.  The true 1 percent of mathematical thinkers become the Stanford professors, senior programmers, and panjandrums of the IMF and Fed.

Devlin and Paul Michael Goldenberg were right.  High school students are incapable of mathematical thinking except for a very few.  So there is no point wasting professional teaching on them.  The community teachers will do just fine.   The best of those below the top 10 percent are just obedient clock watchers. These make up the 50 to 90th percentiles.

Then we have the Delta class from 10th to 50th percentile. Below them we have the I class of institutionalized rejects.   From clock watchers on down there is no need of professional teaching.

I admit I was just trying to score points off of Devlin.  His original column was right.  The dystopian 3rd world population assembled in modern America is incapable of mathematical thinking. So we can’t waste money on professional teaching for them.

The 10 percent Elect should receive professional teachers.  They would be worth the money in terms of actual improved performance.  Most of these 10 percent would go on to be the starters in an economy of start ups and  bank and corporate failures that lies before us.

The Chicago teacher strike was the impetus of this vision.  The afflatus hit me as I realized that so few people had watched the Gary Rubinstein Khan Academy video critiques in the #mtt2k thread at Youtube.

The above Gary Rubinstein video has 203 viewers as of September 10 2012.  It was posted July 18 2012.   “Throwdown with Sal Khan”.

Not only did Gary Rubinstein not win, he only got one public blog post nomination, at this blog.  Rubinstein is the professional teacher par excellence.   Any teacher looking to improve would look at his videos.  But very few did.

Gary Rubinstein’s videos were a master class in how to teacher.  Even if all of those 203 views were from Chicago, it would be very few of the teachers now on strike.  How many Chicago teachers are as good as Gary Rubinstein?  The question answers itself.  Are they worth 71,000 dollars a year plus pension?  No.

Do they produce any value as shown by high stakes testing?  No.  The 3rd world population of Chicago is unteachable, even by Gary Rubinstein.  How do we know?  Because close to zero Chicago teachers actually watched a Gary Rubinstein video showing how to teach math.

So fire them.  Let community teaching replace them except for the John Winthrop Elect.  This is the Puritan way and we must hark back to those times because we have blown the accrued benefits of 400 years of refinement on an experiment of mass 3rd world immigration.   An experiment whose results are shown by high stakes testing, i.e. a total failure.

We are in Steve World as pointed out above.  Which brings us to the Gates Foundation which really does know the 3rd world.  The job of Bill Gates is to use mogul billions, his own, Buffet’s and other robber barons of the Elect 10 percent and make public spending and laws catch up to the 3rd world dystopia of our population.

In this world, the Keith Devlins are due every honor and title that society bestows on them. Those below that level are lucky to have a job from time to time.  It is a world in which the masters of the middle passages are the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  They set the rules and anyone can be freely fired and paid at the level of their true value added product.  For most teachers of most students this is far below 71,000 per year as paid in Chicago and no pension accrual and not even much of an additional accrual on their Ryan Medicare voucher plan.

I have seen the light and agree with Keith Devlin and Paul Michael Goldenberg.  I will henceforth support the Gates Foundation and its plan to catch up public policy with our 3rd world dystopia population.

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