Chicago teachers testing strike “unteachable students”

The real issue in the Chicago teachers’ strike is that Chicago teachers don’t want to be fired for not teaching “unteachable students”.


Chicago teachers testing strike  “unteachable students”

They have a laundry list of reasons students can’t learn.  Crime, hunger, poverty, racism, disadvantaged, broken homes, low wage parents, no job parents, public housing, drugs, gangs, unsafe streets and communities, Ryan Plan, lack of respect for Fluke’s complaints, Republicans in Congress, Clint Eastwood talking to a chair,  etc. are the types of reasons cited.  Basically, these are euphemisms.  They know this demographic.  It is the demographic that goes out shooting each Memorial Day.

Chicago is a city that is morally collapsing from 3rd world displacement of its traditional population.  Teachers don’t want to be fired for immigration policy.  But who is going to speak up about this?

However, it also raises the question of why pay teachers 76,000 dollars a year to babysit unteachable 3rd world demographics?  Why not go to community teaching, i.e. volunteers, parents, grandparents, etc.  There can be a few professional teachers like Gary Rubinstein coaching the volunteers.  The top 10 to 40 percent of students could get professional teachers.

However, it will likely be found that the volunteers have many good teachers, so they can be paid a small amount and given credit on Medicare vouchers.  This is the Medicare these students can’t support because when they leave school, they earn median wages that are the same or lower as in the 1970s.  Many are without steady legal work.

If the graduates or school leavers can’t support the teacher salary and pensions, then the school system has to adjust.  We are seeing the collapse of our cities. Teachers can’t expect to get a pension for a city that collapses.

By striking against testing, teachers are really striking against their students.  This in turn is striking against loading American cities with a dysfunctional demographic until they collapse.    But who will raise their voice?

Some people are asking, but are we allowed to talk about this?  Chicago teachers can strike over it. So we can talk about it.  Openly.



“I have seen the profession of teaching go from one in which it was considered very prestigious to one that is constantly ridiculed and basically discarded and we feel, by and large, that it’s due to the fact that we serve predominantly working- and quite frankly, lower-class students, and students of color.”

“CTU Karen Lewis blames “lower class students” for “ridicule” of teachers ”

What she meant is likely different, i.e. that because of their students they are not respected.  However, it tends to come back to something close. In particular, that teachers are not respected because their students don’t perform well when they graduate.


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