Chicago public schools teacher strike end of teaching as we knew it

The Chicago public schools teacher strike is the end of teaching as we knew it.  Never again can we pretend that the demographic change sweeping over America is not the end of the safe and wonderful America many of us actually knew as a reality.

The Chicago public school teachers don’t want to be fired because of immigration combined with high stakes testing.  They have jobs insulated from the realities of the job market in the new dystopia that is America.  Being fired for poor student performance would throw them into that job market.  This is what they are fighting.

This can’t be unsaid and forgotten.  We are now facing the reality of the breaking of the school systems of the large cities by the undertow of 3rd world immigration.

This isn’t going away.  High stakes testing is now linked to 3rd world demographics in our cities and schools.   That reality is now front and center.



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