Will Chicago go like Gary Indiana?

Does the Chicago Public Schools teacher strike imply that the writing is on the school wall?  Will Chicago go like Gary Indiana?


(H/T Patrick Cleburne Vdare)

If it happens to a city, we are allowed to talk about it.  Who says a city like Gary Indiana can collapse into ruins and we are not allowed to talk that it happened and why?

Time to speak up.  High stakes testing has collided with teacher unions not happy to be left holding the bag for foolish immigration policies.  (If the city collapses and great buildings are left in ruins, the immigration policy was foolish.)

But who pays the teacher pensions in Gary Indiana?  Are we forbidden to know if teacher pensions are still being paid for teachers from Gary Indiana?  Are we forbidden to ask who is paying for them if they are?

If Chicago goes like Gary, Indiana will the teachers get pensions?  Who will pay for them?  Can the state of Illinois pay for all the teacher pensions of Chicago if Chicago collapses like Gary Indiana does?  Are we forbidden to ask that question in advance?

Does someone guarantee the pensions for Chicago?  Are we allowed to ask who makes the guarantee?  How much it will cost?  Are we allowed to rate the bonds of the guaranteeing authority?  Even US bonds have been downgraded.

If only certain publications will talk about this in advance, don’t the people who have to pay off these bonds and pension guarantees have a right to read these publications?  Why are not mainstream publications showing these photos and asking who is guaranteeing the pensions of teachers in Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois?  Shouldn’t Chicago papers be asking this?

teacher pensions “Gary Indiana”




Indiana teacher pension

Even if the pension plan makes it through investments, destruction of entire cities still has a social and economic cost.



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