The principle of sheeple induction

The principle of sheeple induction is

  1. Get the first sheeple to follow something.
  2. Get another unique sheeple to follow each sheeple already in the set of followers.

Then, you will get an infinite number of sheeple.
You don’t necessarily get all the sheeple.  For example, if the sheeple are numbered before you get followers, and your first follower is 2 and then you get 2n’ after you get 2n, then you get all the sheeplevens.

Sheeple sets are usually not all sheeple.   One rock band or whatever they call them now will not have all sheeple as fans, just its own. These may overlap with other bands.

Sheeple induction is closely related to the expansion of the sheepleverse, but this is another blog post if not another blog entirely.

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