Romney Obama Presidental Debate Schools and Math Impact

The Mitt Romney Barack Obama Presidential Debate of October 3, 2012 is covered here from the point of view of schools, math and math education.

  1. Immigration swamps our schools with 3rd world students who have already exhausted our resources.
  2. Chicago public schools are an example of a school system overwhelmed by 3rd world immigration.
  3. Teacher pensions and salary are not supported by the 3rd world tax base in cities like Chicago or states like California.
  4. This implies a collapse of the school systems in these cities and states.
  5. This has already happened in Detroit, Gary Indiana, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.
  6. Metal detectors in the schools show what has happened.
  7. The more schools with metal detectors, the more school districts that lack a tax base to support them.
  8. Both candidates will make this worse by amnesty, guest worker programs, educating foreign students in our know how to lower our advantages, chain migration and massive legal immigration.

By and large, the education system is unable to talk about the reality of the hugely negative impact on schools, teacher pensions, and safety of legal immigration.  This is part of their indifference to actual outcomes.  They want to avoid responsibility for the bad outcomes from massive immigration and know-how transfer.

This was the main issue in the Chicago Public Schools teacher strike.  Teachers don’t want to be fired because students from the 3rd world can’t learn the core standards.   High stakes testing proves this and results in teachers being fired for immigration policy not their own efforts.  Teachers object to this.

Obviously, most of this won’t be discussed at the debates.  This shows how bad it is, that the presidential debates can’t discuss it or just lie, celebrating the very immigration bringing down the schools.

==Debate questions.

–Creating New Jobs.


Obama saved auto industry.

“Invest in education and training”

New tech and companies.

“New economic patriotism.”


Romney talks about people who come up to them about their personal situations.

Energy independence.  More trade.  Crackdown China. Best skills.  Best schools in world, far away from that now.  Small business.  Small business startups down to 30 year low.


Improve our education system.   Show gains already in toughest to deal with schools. Race to the top.  Reforms 46 states standards and how train teachers.  100,000 new math and science teachers.  New slots in community colleges.  Keep tuition low.

Lower corporate tax rates to 25 percent for manufacturing.

Close loopholes for shipping jobs overseas.

(What about stopping bringing cheap labor here?  That overwhelms schools.)

–Question to ask Obama

Romney gives speech instead of question.

Romney tends to have more details than Obama.  Obama has some numbers, 5 trillion and 2 trillion numbers he pushes.

Obama invokes math, common sense and our history.

Obama says Romney “gutting our investments in schools and education” by his deficit cutting.


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Author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms. A below college level self study book on the Peano Axioms and proofs of the associative and commutative laws of addition. President of Mathematical Finance Company. Provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.
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