Reaction to Obama Romney debate how do people think?

The reaction to the Romney Obama debate continues to give us material to try to understand how people think.  It isn’t symbolic logic.   The Devlin course Introduction to Mathematical Thinking at Coursera did some verbal puzzles and then moved onto symbolic logic.  This, presumably, according to Devlin is part of mathematical thinking or helps in learning mathematical thinking.

What we are seeing in the reaction to Obama’s debate performance is something else.   This is a mixture of thinking and feelings.

The underlying question of what the government should do is being decided in large part based on these displays.  But what the outcomes are is not being determined by this type of emotive reaction.

This is an excellent argument for limited government.  A policy like Obamacare is passed based on emotion.  Now it is changed based on emotion.   But it is not based on rational analysis.  Government does this on everything.  So government should be limited in its powers and actions.

The Bush wars are another example of this type of policy making that doesn’t work.


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