Romney in debate shows we need strong leadership

We can’t keep surrendering and expect to advance much less hold what we have.  Schools are getting worse as legal immigration continues.  We can’t continue to pay lip service to this as good.  It is dreadful.  It hurts students already here, particularly White students who have been robbed totally.

Not speaking out is to be part of it.



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10 Responses to Romney in debate shows we need strong leadership

  1. I will comment and then unfollow. I don’t think this is the place for this kind of comment. I am 58 and white female educated in the US. My grandparents were immigrants and I doubt the write is native American. Only white males want a return to the 60. Definitely math education needs to be improved, but returning to the WASP society of the past is not the way. Not to speak out about THIS is to be part of it.Goodbye.

  2. Which comments exhibit geometric logic?

  3. Mathematical Thinking is about truth first. Leadership is saying the truth and getting others to follow and say the truth as well. And when someone leads people not to say the truth? What do we call that?

  4. How will there be people to do mathematical thinking if truth be banned?

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