2012 was jobless summer for teens in US

7 out of 10 teens jobless in 2012 Summer according to AP.

The jobless summer for teens may be part of why Chicago teachers went on strike.  The new agreement would fire them for poor test scores, and they knew that immigration was pushing the schools down and they would be fired for it.

The unemployment rate under measures the impact.  It is employment to population ratios of today compared to those of the 1950s that tell the devastating impact on youth employment of immigration.

NYPost in July 2012.

Brenda Walker covers how immigration impacts teen employment here.

The low employment to population ratio for teens feeds into the sense of helplessness that pervades schools in Harvey, Illinois, Gary India, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, New York City outside upscale parts of Manhattan, and Detroit.

This feeling of hopelessness has spread from the inner cities to be a normal feeling.

This does impact on math education.  It impacts on school systems.  It impacts on teachers.  It impacts on students.  It impacts on parents.  This reality is part of education.  This reality is part of math education.

Math class is about teaching the value of telling the truth about numbers.  Those who duck this, may lack the moral standing with students.  Students who are in hopeless school districts, may give up on teachers because teachers and schools don’t talk about their hopeless prospects.

Instead, the schools push out the happy talk that won’t get the textbook publishers, teachers and admin people fired.   There is such a disconnect between the happy talk of the education industry and reality, that the education industry lacks credibility with students.

Students are hearing a happy talk version of America that is a lie.  So they give up on the people doing the lying to them, i.e. the schools and teachers and textbook vendors.

This is moving to higher education.  Many students in college are also going to face a hard job market and difficult careers.  What the colleges are teaching them leaves them unprepared.

The colleges instead of telling the them the truth of what they will earn, give them happy talk and extreme upward projections that don’t correspond to people’s lives.

There needs to be an illustration law on what colleges can show students and parents.  So they can’t just lie to them with these upward lies on pay.



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