Can we find the worst schools with census maps?

The census has maps on-line that let you look at demographics down to zip codes or other small areas.  Can we use such maps to predict which school systems are doing badly on high stakes testing?  To find school systems where teachers are worried about being fired in high stakes testing?

Demographics turned worse for teachers to keep their jobs in Chicago.  Chicago teachers then went on strike the first time in decades.  So this method of predicting works for Chicago.

Teachers use these maps to figure out where they might be fired by high stakes testing?

Ideal would be to find a census map on testing outcomes or some other education measure. Then overlap the percent immigration, Latino, black or diversity with the education outcome map.

Is this forbidden to talk about?   Forbidden by whom?  Why?

Teachers can use this to decide where to look for a job, or where to flee from, but we can’t talk about it at this blog?  Why?




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