Battle of Lepanto October 7, 1571 Sailors, Soldiers and Scholars

The defense of the West takes a combined arms team of our society.  Mathematicians have been part of the defense of the West since Archimedes.   In the Middle Ages, STEM workers helped build new ships and develop new technology to defend the West.

Today our soldiers come back without legs from IEDs in some cases.  At home, scholars can support their effort in a variety of ways.  We enjoy the freedom and security they buy for us.  We owe them to do our bit.  They fight with their real names, and their legs are blown off with their real names on them.  We can do the same.

The Catholic Church was a central pillar of the civilization of the West.

Mathematicians do much more than code.  John Wallis was involved in code and helping the British government and was one of the founding generations of calculus.

The appearance of Venetian galeasses at Lepanto represented real technological innovation, a fact long recognized as a major contributory factor in the Muslim defeat.

==Excerpt from link below

For the brave defenders of Famagusta, it was too late. In August 1571, after ten months of resistance, the Venetian commander Marco Antonio Bragadino gave in to civilian pressure and opened negotiations with the Turks. Terms were agreed: The garrison would be exiled, the people spared. The troops were disarmed and boarded transports — and then they and their commanders were slaughtered. But for Marco Antonio, the Mohammedans reserved a special torture. He was not killed immediately. Instead, his nose and ears were severed, and, as T. C. F. Hopkins has it in Confrontation at Lepanto:

He was pilloried in Famagusta and dragged around the Ottoman camp in nothing but a loincloth and a donkey’s saddle and made to kiss the ground in front of Lala Mustapha’s tent. The Ottoman soldiers were encouraged to throw garbage and excrement on him, and to mock his misery, and to pull hairs from his beard . . . Lala Mustapha himself came out to spit on the Venetian and to empty his chamber pot over the old man’s head . . .

And even that was not the end of it. Marco Antonio — still, for the moment, alive — was flayed, skinned like a trophy, and then his corpse was stuffed and sent to the sultan, who had the prize stored in a warehouse of other human trophies — a slave prison.


Their use of IEDs today is similar to how they treated Marco Antonio.



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