Niels Bohr October 7, 1885 Copenhagen

John William Nicholson proposed the quantization of angular momentum and Bohr cited his paper in his original paper.

Every other person who proposed quantization of a classical variable won the Nobel Prize?

Bohr Heisenberg meeting 1941

Hypothesis: During this meeting, Heisenberg told Bohr the names of scientists who were communists or whom Heisenberg thought were communists.  Among the names Heisenberg might have mentioned were J. Robert Oppenheimer and Klaus Fuchs.

Heisenberg wanted Bohr to tell this to the British, but Bohr refused.   This is why this meeting was always clouded in secrecy and no good account was told by either Bohr or Heisenberg.

The existing story is obviously a cover story.

Reasons for thinking this I will put forward in a book to come out in the future.

Bohr agonized over his many versions unsent because he didn’t want to be trapped in a lie if there was another Oppenheimer type hearing.

Further: page 91. I can remember the meeting with Fermi in Goudsmit’s home quite well, but not at all that Fermi would have mentioned the Uranium problem. The possibility that atomic weapons might already be used in the coming war, I certainly did not consider seriously at that time; perhaps repressed it out of an inner fear. At any rate, I cannot remember, as I said, the mention of the Uranium problem, and maybe that lack of memory itself is a sign of the repression back then.

This is another meeting where Heisenberg might have mentioned his concerns, possibly elliptically, or possibly wanted to but decided he would not risk it.  Then later with Bohr, it was his last chance, either way.

Heisenberg wanted to stop the Soviets getting the bomb and knew of some of their efforts to recruit scientists starting in Germany in the 1920s.





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