Obama 100,000 new STEM teachers

The 100,000 new STEM teacher promise started in 2005 under Bush.  The following article by Jeffrey Mervis shows it is a slogan not a policy.


However, the money can be used on a range of problems in STEM education, from outdated instructional materials to low-quality professional development for teachers already in the classroom.

The biggest factor in outdated instruction materials is apathy to use what is already available.  Even aside from novel approaches like the Peano Axiom series this website promotes or Base Point Test Point Calculus which is calculus in words, this sentence implies some programs use better materials already than others.  So why don’t the others switch? Apathy.

ASTEM is a better term. Apathy, scicence, technology, engineering, and math.

If the 100,000 STEM teachers is being pushed since 2005, why are they pushing STEM green card stapling?  Why do we need Lamar Smith STEM card green card bill?  Smith would also cancel the diversity lottery (oh horror, using the word diversity that must be a thought crime offense).

STEM is a thought crime field.   Think about that.  No wonder Peano Axioms and New Math in general were ditched in favor of drill worksheets.

==Two comments from above link.
Alan in Ohio 2 years ago

I teach STEM in HS. In case you are not aware, schools are under extreme financial stress and are laying off teachers in droves, not hiring. In addition, the national emphasis on reading and math only has meant that a great deal of science has been dropped or deemphasized from elementary curricula. And as far as a career, how would you like your salary to be determined by whether children will put out effort on tests that have no impact on their grades or parents, yet are proposed to be the “merit” in merit pay? And your pay and pension will be even more paltry in the future as now. Teaching has become nit-picking bean counting.

Guest 2 years ago

I have a different spin on “who are they going to teach?” I don’t know any scientist or engineer who is encouraging their kids to pursue technical careers. The kids that are smart enough to do STEM are also smart enough to pursue more lucrative or more stable careers.

Standard engineer question in casual converastion: How’s work – do you think you will be there more than a year?


Those comments are different than the happy talk lies we are supposed to be saying about STEM green cards and immigration.  Why are schools bankrupt if immigration is so good for the economy?  If Diversity is our strength, why can we find the failing schools by using census maps of demographics?


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