Steve Sailer exposes nonsense about new New York gifted test

Steve Sailer in his customary style exposes the fraud in the new gifted test in New York City.  The new test is the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, NNAT.

The new test is abstract spatial reasoning.  To make it fair, the instructions are not intelligible, and so are part of the test.  Without prep, this means the outcome is more random.   With test prep, it tilts it to the wealthy even more.

Abstraction spatial reasoning will also tilt towards East Asians over Whites.  Other groups will be left in the dust.  Typical outcome of the math ed establishment that loves a lie told in the name of Diversity.

The PC elites laugh while the common people eat live roaches instead of learning the Peano Axioms and the proof of the associative law of addition by heart.

99 cents to learn the Peano Axioms and proof of associative law of addition of natural numbers.  Half way to learning how to price American options by recursion.


About New Math Done Right

Author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms. A below college level self study book on the Peano Axioms and proofs of the associative and commutative laws of addition. President of Mathematical Finance Company. Provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.
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