Undergraduate debt depresses Latino grad school STEM enrollment

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Latino stem student debt

One example



Figure 5 shows different races, Black, White, Asian, Latino.  All are borrowing from 50 to 85 percent as undergrad school is varied from not selective to highly selective.  Borrowing from family was only 6 to 12 percent across races.

In fact, undergraduate
debt, whether in high or low amounts relative to the mean debt in a student’s baccalaureate
graduating class, has a negative impact on students of all racial-ethnic groups when
compared to the graduate school enrollment of STEM bachelor’s degree holders with no



Latino students go into debt in undergrad.  Then they can’t afford to go to grad school in STEM subjects.   Even with grad student support.

Thus out of control undergrad debt forces Latinos out of STEM grad schools.

The same happens to Whites, East Asians, etc.  It is the economics of debt.

Solution: End foreign student visas, H-1b, and new green cards.  Then undergrads can work for 2 to 5 years to lower their debt and then go back to grad school in their late 20s to get advanced STEM degrees.


America is cheating its own students out of STEM grad school.   Even the universities admit this in their own published studies.  It isn’t lack of STEM interest, one of the great and evil lies of the education establishment.




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