White student discriminated against in Fisher v. University of Texas

The United States Supreme Court heart arguments today in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas. 

This is a case where the state of Texas discriminated against a White person, Abigail Fisher, explicitly because she was White.


Abigail Noel Fisher, Petitioner
University of Texas at Austin, et al.

Of course, we are forbidden to discuss this case. The US Supreme Court can discuss it. The PBS News Hour can discuss. But we are forbidden to discuss it here.


Can anyone doubt that the math ed establishment would permanently ban Abigail Fisher for bringing such a case if it had the power to?

To the math ed establishment, Whites don’t have human rights.  In fact, the entire STEM establishment thinks and acts that way. They want us out and are succeeding by H-1b, student visas, affirmative action, hostile atmospheres, and intimidation.


Demonstrators on both sides of the issue crowded the sidewalk outside the court early Wednesday morning.

Can anyone doubt, the STEM establishment would banish any such person permanently if it could?

The vast majority of higher education groups defend their policies. In brief after brief submitted to the Supreme Court, organizations representing nearly all facets of higher learning – including public research universities, Ivy League schools, undergraduate and law students, even college basketball coaches – argue that colleges and universities must be allowed to consider race and ethnicity in admissions to achieve the educational benefits of a diverse student body.

Some say nothing less than the nation’s future is at stake.

What about the future of Whites?  Is that at stake?  Whites in STEM or math?

“Nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence does the word ‘diversity’ appear,” a group of Texas faculty members argue in a brief supporting Fisher. “There is no constitutional basis for the courts, let alone a state university, to engage in such a radical restructuring of America, allocating education, jobs and contracts based on race.”

To the education and math ed establishment, this is the United States of Diversity.  That means Whites out of STEM Ph.D. programs and Asians and others in.

Whites have been summarily tossed out of entire Ph.D. programs in department after department, university after university.   If we speak up, we are threatened further.



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