Do Whites learn better without Diversity in the class?

Steve Sailer discusses the oral argument at the US Supreme Court in Abigail Fisher v University of Texas.

The University of Texas wants diversity in almost every class room.  But isn’t this bad for Whites?  Other races have different styles of learning and behavior. These include different loudness, cheating, and so on.  In addition, there are racial gangs in schools and classes and these disrupt learning for people of other races.  The racial gangs in schools are overwhelmingly black and Latino.

The very fact that Whites flee cities with blacks and Latinos is evidence that Whites don’t learn as well with blacks and Latinos in the classroom.

Civil rights for Whites means the right to learn.  The right to learn for Whites means the right to not have diversity in the same classroom.  This is shown by White flight, which proves Whites do in fact feel and behave this way.  Thus for Whites to learn, they need White only classrooms.

High stakes testing is part of the drill factories of diversity. These are unhappy workplaces and school places where Whites have to be constantly on guard against attack.   This is how prisons are today.


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