Economists and geneticists agree that too much diversity retards development

Steve Sailer at Vdare writes on a recent American Economic Review and Science joint paper that shows that high diversity in Africa is bad, but intermediate diversity as they see it in Europe and Asia is good and too little diversity as they see it in the pre-Columbian new world was bad.

This should apply in the classroom, family, business, etc.

It also suggests that blacks evolved to be less cooperative because of higher diversity?  This would make blacks bad for the other groups to learn in the classroom or be productive at work.  This is a common observation.  Blacks in high numbers force other groups to flee.

Given limited ability to focus on tasks instead of ourselves, diversity creates a threat that takes away our focus.  Particularly, blacks who are a threat to everyone.  You can’t focus on math if you are in danger from sudden violence from blacks.  Thus Whites and Asians do anything they can to avoid classrooms with blacks.

This was suggested as one of the reason for the Stuyvesant cheating scandal in a comment thread.  It also explains the desperation of parents to get into Thomas Jefferson in Fairfax County.    If you can get into a school with almost zero blacks, you have a good chance that there is no black person in several of your classes.  If you take advanced courses, this also is achieved.

So Whites and Asians are in a race to place out of classrooms with blacks or skip classes to be in advanced classes without blacks.

If that doesn’t work, they homeschool.  Homeschoolers do better on tests and in learning than expected in large part because it is a safe environment to focus on learning instead of hostile diversity.  This is also why classrooms today produce lesser education outcomes for Whites than in the past.  These are more diverse classrooms, so they have to focus on the diversity threat instead of on the math.





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