Learning disabilities tripled 1970s to now. Diversity or reform methods?


“Mathematics Education: Being Outwitted by Stupidity”

By Barry Garelick


In 2010 approximately 2.4 million students were identified with learning disabilities — about three times as many as were identified in 1976-1977. (See http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d10/tables/xls/tabn045.xls and http://www.ideadata.org/arc_toc12.asp#partbEX). This increase raises the question of whether the shift in instructional emphasis over the past several decades has increased the number of low achieving children because of poor or ineffective instruction who would have swum with the rest of the pack when traditional math teaching prevailed.


Causes of this could be

  1. New instruction methods are bad as the author of the quoted piece believes.
  2. 3rd world immigration especially of Blacks, Latinos, and Southern Asians.
  3. Diversity itself generates poor learning outcomes.



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