John Tierney AP Classes Are a Scam

John Tierney tells us that the College Board is an evil empire that is crushing choice and individuality from high schools.  Moreover, it fails to deliver college level courses.  Instead, it just corrupts high school courses.

Much to think about in this criticism.

Comment thread is lively with considerable disagreement.

Of course, tears are shed for minority students who can’t do AP.   Obviously, the minority is not East Asian.

==One comment from above thread


The only classes that I took in high school which were in anyway worth my time were AP classes. Yes they were not perfect, but the other classes were worse. Much worse. Little more than babysitting.

These classes also more than payed for themselves once I got to college. Yes, AP classes were not equivalent to college classes. They were better. The best example of this was my calculus class. I took the calculus BC test in high school. This was enough to get me out of my first two semesters of calculus at a large state college. I started out in the third semester calculus class, and it was a joke. Nothing near as good as what I took in high school. The students cared less, the professor could barely speak English, and grades were much easier to obtain.

I don’t even believe that at top colleges the level of instruction is consistently higher than in AP courses. From what I saw in my time as a TA at an Ivy League grad school the teachers don’t care about undergrads. Sure there were some real superstars among them, but many students end up learning from a TA or adjunct professor who cares little about his teaching assignments compared to research.


A non PC comment about the immigrant profs who mangle English in teaching calculus and math in college. They have in fact ruined education in STEM for many Whites and they don’t care. In fact, they seem to enjoy it, since they bring more immigrants who make it even worse for Whites.


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