Re Mohamed A. El-Erian How To Make Sure The Next Generation Is Better Off Than We Are

Mohamed A. El-Erian “How To Make Sure The Next Generation Is Better Off Than We Are

Who is we?  If we is 1950s White Americans, it is just getting worse every generation.  El-Erian is part of why it is worse for us.

Critically, this starts with doing all we can to enhance education. You need only look at the latest monthly U. S. employment report to gasp its importance. Within the aggregate 8 percent unemployment, the rate for those with a bachelor degree is 4 percent compared to 11 percent  for those that lack a high school diploma.

The prospects are even worse for those teenagers out of school. Joblessness among 16-19 year olds in the labor force is a stunning 24%. And the longer this persists, the greater the risk that this generation goes from being unemployed to unemployable. This possibility must not and should not be allowed to occur.


The reason it is so bad for the White working class is because their jobs were pushed down from good wages with benefits to lousy wages with no benefits by guys like El-Erian paying Congress billions of dollars to flood the country with low wage immigrants.

Now is El-Erian pushing down the STEM jobs with the heavy influx of STEM students in grad schools.  These students get fully paid tuition, living expenses and health costs for their entire family.  The result is a displacement of Americans from STEM grad school.   Americans are then displaced from STEM jobs.  This includes firing Americans at age 40 from STEM jobs and dropping them on the junk heap.    This is why El-Erian is not part of any WE that includes Whites from the 1950s and their descendants.

We are being driven into conditions of misery and are suffering systematic displacement from the education institutions we founded, as well as the other institutions we founded.  We are also displaced from the cities we founded and the houses we built in the 19th and early 20th century that are much better than the houses built now by the immigrant mass influx that El-Erian brought to displace our working class as well as college students working their way through college by construction jobs in summer.

This is why we are worse off.  In addition, our young men are told the only way to finance college is join the military and have their legs blown off with IEDs.  Half of those coming back from the Middle East wars are going on some form of disability or assistance.

“Of new U.S. veterans, almost half seek disability aid”

Part of the reason for this is the good working class jobs they used to get out of the military have been eliminated by El-Erian by his bringing a mass influx of 3rd world labor to keep down wages.  El-Erian did this as pointed out by corrupting our Congress with, over time, billions of contributions whose purpose is to reduce working class Whites  to conditions of almost slavery.  Now the next layer of Whites is being pushed down by this process.


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