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Susan • 12 hours ago

1. A teacher can only work with whatever the parent sends.

2. All students should be seated facing the front. Cutesy arrangements around
tables result in the students just bouncing off each other all the time, and also
some students must always turn to see the teacher.
3. Students should wear uniforms. Time is lost in trying to control dress
codes, limiting instruction time.
4. No art work in elementary classes above kinder. A lot of valuable instruction
time is eaten up this way…like kids drawing things to put on the walls for open
house, etc. Those are things that can be assigned for homework,
and they don’t get done, it really doesn’t matter.
I mentioned a few basics because these are things that make it very difficult for a teacher to teach.

proletaria • 13 hours ago • parent

There is no redemption for public education. The bureaucracy has twisted it beyond reform. I say this as a former public school teacher who left disgusted after five years on the job.

The future of ed. is online and in charter schools. I’ve got former colleagues who now work in charter schools. Their staff is motivated, their teachers are not unionized, there is no administrative bloat, and they have all the incentives needed to provide the most competitive world-class education is unquestionable. Their students scored so much higher in testing it has been an embarrassment to the regular public school system. They aren’t the best paying jobs in the world, but there are rewards for high performance educators. If I went back into the teaching gig, I would definitely do it there.

Kermit29 • 15 hours ago

As I recently retired teacher I know how badly gut shot NoChildLetBehind has left public education. I know first hand of this wreckage! I witnessed the hijacking of teaching as day-to-day instruction and curricula decisions were taken away from me and in its place were handed down, tablet-form, the political holy writ: standardized curricula from our state capital. Teaching expertise in the building became longer valid or recognized and true teaching expertise was to be visited upon us from without, specifically by consulting firms who quickly mushroomed into existence with our own diverted NCLB monies.
I witnessed the formalization and the regimenting of instruction to the point that I, a college educated, experienced teacher, was just no longer needed. Where I taught under NCLB, education became scripted, rendered down to the formulaic, the flat, the 2-dimensional, notably computer screens and scan-tron sheets. I could say lots more.
I am removed from that horror, but I cry for our country today. I weep for the good teachers who must bide their time to get out of the government system. Where I presently see no redemption for public education, I fervently hope that I am wrong and that somehow good parents and teachers generations after me can right this stricken ship! Return teachers with their expertise to the classroom and remove all taint of the political and of government.


Other comments point out that more education won’t change the jobs picture. This is an argument to cut off mass immigration.


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