Mohamed A. El-Erian Turn young against elderly on pensions etc

Mohamed A. El-Erian in his Atlantic article wants to spend money on a social media campaign to turn the young against the elderly.


As citizens, we should also think twice about what we do with the older generation’s domination of the ballot box. As demographics worsen, there will be a natural tendency for the electorate to try to borrow even more growth and revenues from the future, thus imposing a much higher cost on the next generation.
This natural tendency is understandable, but it can also be countered by clever design of financial responsibility and fairer burden sharing. It can also be offset by earlier and more comprehensive political awareness among the young, including through the use of social media.


This also means turning non-White young against White elderly.   This means cutting teacher pensions or pensions to college professors.

==Unpaid? internships for young

By offering more summer internships, training and entry level jobs, companies can enhance their flexibility in a cost effective manner while also providing the young with greater experience and productivity enhancers.


Before mass immigration, summer jobs paid well.  Also high school grads immediately got good paying jobs.  El-Erian is unwilling to give up the 1.1 million green cards a year that fuel unpaid summer interns.


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