Re Jo Boaler Reveals Attacks By James Milgram And Wayne Bishop

Dy/dan discusses a case at Stanford involving a professor there in math education and two others.

“Jo Boaler Reveals Attacks By James Milgram And Wayne Bishop”

I have made no conclusion in this case and am not sure how much I can study it.

One can compare and contrast this to the Moody’s thread in relation to the Russian government having posted a document on its webpages potentially embarrassing to a Stanford professor, J. Darrell Duffie, also head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s outside board.

In September 2012, Moody’s upgraded Russia and put the US on downgrade notice.   That hampers America’s credibility to make a military strike against Iran.  Russia is supporting Iran in this dispute.

The Stanford professor in question is head of the outside board’s committee with oversight over the MIS unit that issued the downgrade notice. Whatever the actual connection or level of influence, Russia can claim to Iran that it has leverage over the credit rating of the US to force the US to not attack Iran.

Moreover, this is part of a pattern of activity by Russia of this type going back decades. Stanford’s potential liability is that it has concealed this record from the US government and public with the assistance of other universities and legal entities.

These matters possibly involve the business school, economics department, physics department and math department.  The law school and other departments may have knowledge of this.

Stanford and other universities may have concealed information pertaining to this during FBI background checks for high level government office as well as lower level ones.

This post is hypothesis, speculation or opinion about an evolving public story.  Restate all statements as questions. This is draft and preliminary and subject to revision. Comments and corrections are welcomed.  Other disclaimers apply.



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