Ramirez Cartoon exposes Obama’s Big Benghazi Lie

Obama’s claim that he was calling the attack in Benghazi terrorism, i.e. a pre planned attacked not instigated by a video, is exposed in a cartoon by Ramirez.

H/T Lawrence Auster.


No Child Left Behind is another example of a big lie.  The education establishment is a sound chamber for big lies just like big media is a sound chamber for Obama’s big lies.

To understand the big lies in big ed, we have to look at general politics to understand the context in which they can occur.  It is possible for a president to lie on a presidential debate over recent history and the big media to then get behind him.

This is what goes on about education all the time.  The fall of education excellence due to diversity is covered up in the same way as Obama’s switch in 36 days covers up his administration pushing the video.  Obama said his piece and then stood back for big media to support him. Which they promptly did.    Obama then ordered Romney to stop talking about it, which he didn’t.

In education, when big ed orders us to stop talking about diversity destroying schools and cities they call us racist when they order us to stop talking about it.  This is not working as well as it used to.  The total devastation of our school system by diversity and their pursuit of Whites into the farther suburbs and exurbs with diversity is making it impossible for Whites not to turn and take a stand.

We saw that happen with Romney at the debate. Romney refused to back down to the lie told by the Magic President and confirmed by Miss Big Media to his face.  The result has been a total acting out by the Left since the debate.  This includes lies told and published by major media.

We have to decide if we will stand up to the big lie or let them browbeat us into silence.  It takes an effort of will by us to keep repeating that their lies are lies.  Diversity is our strength is a lie.  Schools are not improved by diversity, they are devastated by diversity.

Diversity does not support the tax base for schools. Diversity destroys the tax base for schools.  The big media and big ed tell the big lie when they say different.  We have to learn to stand up to their name calling and acting out when we tell the truth on diversity.

Romney had the fortitude not to fold in the presidential debate.  Romney didn’t fold. This was Romney’s greatest moment. We need to do the same.


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