‘Teenage girls’ assault and rob University of Chicago students

‘Teenage girls’ assault and rob University of Chicago students

Also at Youtube “Rowdy Teenage Black Females Assault & Rob University of Chicago Students”



A 14-year-old girl allegedly displayed a handgun, while a 15-year-old girl demanded the victims’ backpacks. The man handed over his backpack, but the woman did not, and the 14-year-old allegedly pistol-whipped her. As she was hitting the woman, the gun went off, but no one was struck by the bullet, police said.

Oh what a darling.  These are the students in Chicago Public Schools.

Scarier than finding your formulas in your faculty adviser’s newest working paper.

Of course, we are not supposed to talk about that.  Just let it happen.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in the video.  Wonder why he gets to talk about it?

I went to the University of Chicago for an MBA and I know Hyde Park.  Not going to cover this up for Obama’s re-election.


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