Obama Romney debate lessons

Romney came out strong in the first debate.  Romney’s base loved it and it persuaded independents.  Obama came out weak.  White liberals went crazy over this.  Obama’s actual base of non-Whites did not care.

The debates are a fight for the swing voters, who are working class Whites especially women.  This is why White liberals went crazy with Obama’s poor showing.  It undercut what they sell to White women.

In the second debate, both fought and Obama made a mistake in committing himself to a storyline on Benghazi that is inconsistent.   Romney types fought it out with White liberals again on this.

In the 3rd debate, Romney caved on Benghazi.  This weak performance was not inspiring to his base.  It also was red meat to White liberals.

The lesson in this is hit hard, stand by your group and come back harder if you take a hit.  In the age of Diversity, this is what people want to see.  With Diversity, there is no middle ground, it is winner take all.  There is no compromise.  Romney didn’t understand that in the 3rd debate.  Obama took his side for granted in the first debate.  They then told him to fight and attack Romney, because they hate Romney and the Republicans, precisely because they are the mass of Whites.

Under Diversity, your racial and religious group identity is everything.  When you fight the other side, you don’t fight just for yourself, but for your group.  Because of this you have to hit with everything you have every time.  Then your group supports you.  It is total war.  This is what White libs understand so well.



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