Re States rein in health insurance expenses

Above article is by Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY.

In Wisconsin, where Republican Gov. Scott Walker survived a recall campaign spearheaded by public employee unions, Walker’s push to make workers pay at least 12.6% of health care premiums is having an effect, despite being tied up in court. Example: The 1,150-employee Elmwood School District in suburban Milwaukee signed a contract in September that will increase teachers’ health premiums from 7% this year to 9.5% next year and 12.6% in 2014.

Public employees laugh when we are beaten down in wages and benefits by legal immigration and guest workers.   They abandon the Whites in the private sector who support this tower of spending on Diversity and the public employees who manage diversity.  They enjoy it when we are fired at age 45 to be replaced by young immigrants for computer jobs or nursing jobs.  Well, reality is catching up.

Whites in the private sector can’t support the public employees while they vote for us to be replaced by young immigrants when we get to age 40 and have a good paying job.  So public employees now face paying for their health insurance and losing their defined benefit pensions.  Ultimately, they will lose tenure and be fired like us between 40 and 50 to be replaced by lower wage immigrants.



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