Posse Professor sign up to help local prosecutors

Professors who are willing to join a posse to go after Wall Street firms can sign up here.  Or indicate it on their web page.  This does not mean unpaid work necessarily.  Although, local funds are more limited, so it might mean free or lower pay as part of it.

This is to help state and local prosecutors go after Wall Street firms all over the country.  You would help your local prosecutor.

Professors in math, physics, economics, engineering, law, business, etc. can join the posse.  At this stage, just blog about the idea and start following legal cases and commenting.  Also comment on damages to people in your area.

Sales of derivatives to municipal governments in your area is something to focus on.

Other professionals, STEM teachers, etc. could sign up as well.

Math and STEM professors have helped intelligence services for centuries.  They can also help prosecutors.  You might even end up making money from it.



About New Math Done Right

Author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms. A below college level self study book on the Peano Axioms and proofs of the associative and commutative laws of addition. President of Mathematical Finance Company. Provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.
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