White Autumn Pasquale killed by two Black students


LA writes:

I don’t agree with all the news reports that she was murdered for her bike. She was murdered for her whiteness.

Her parents, her society, did not tell her not to go to a place alone with thuggish-looking black males. To give her such advice would have been immoral and contrary to the American belief that blacks are just like whites and that to have a critical or cautious view of blacks is the most evil thing there is. Instead, it was the most moral and all-American thing there is to raise Autumn Pasquale in such a way that she naively and defenselessly put herself in a position where she was murdered by two black cretins.

This is why this, an education blog, speaks out on White children being killed by Blacks out of hate of Whites. To be silent is to be complicit. Educators need to educate White children to stay away from Blacks.

This is a moral obligation. For Christians, this is a religious obligation to tell the truth about this.



This was an avoidable death, but only if Whites speak out to children the John Derbyshire talk.


Those who say Black students get to kill White students and we can’t say anything on our education blogs about it are not our teachers or role models. They are the ones who are morally in the wrong. They take ownership for this killing. They take ownership for the suffering of this White girl at the hands of these Black students.


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2 Responses to White Autumn Pasquale killed by two Black students

  1. this article is a disgrace! and I would never raise my 4 children this way to think along these lines! and you should be ashamed to write this!

    • SBL says:

      Apparently you’d rather pat yourself on your back about what a marvellously non-judgemental person you are, than protect your children from very real dangers. You’re a disgrace, and – not to put too fine a point on it – are guilty of child neglect.

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