White Republicans in Hollywood more willing to speak out


Republicans in Hollywood (all of whom pictured are White) are more willing to speak out. This is part of a growing willingness for Whites to speak out as the establishment works to make them a minority in every country, every company, every school, and every home.

Whites are not willing to take it anymore in silence. We are speaking out. Stand up, step in and speak out.

“A large number of celebrities are coming forward and declaring their support for a new administration,” publicist Angie Meyer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “For the first time in a long time, conservatives in Hollywood are resisting the bullying from the left. They are ready to speak their minds.”

This is a publicist saying that. They are supposed to be the ones telling Whites to dummy up. Dummying up is not working for Whites. It is sacrificing our lands for nothing. We are speaking out everywhere and often.


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