Developers call for B-52s and agent orange to finish off green space at Tysons

Developers litter WaPo thread with their angst at not being able to pave over the last green space at Tysons Corner Virginia.

Save Tysons Last Forest coalition

If the agent orange kills people near the offending green zone, replacements can be ordered up from Nicaragua.  They are already used to it.

=My comment at thread:


Developers and real estate sales managers are out in force on this thread. Their presence here shows stopping this development was the right thing.

Increased population beyond the ability of the land to support should mean an end to development.

Why should Tysons be developed so much when large parts of Springfield Mall are empty?

Dead malls in one area and skyscrapers and high dense urban development in another area. Only developers would think this makes sense.

Landmark and Springfield malls as dead discussed here:…


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