Are teachers part of the anti-America coalition?

According to the above, teachers will probably vote for Obama, although they don’t have polling numbers.

=Excerpt from above

Mark Naison:

Most teachers will probably end up voting for the president, but from what I have seen, in both New York and around the nation, they will not be manning phone banks, canvassing in their neighborhoods, traveling to swing states on the weekends and generally giving time, money and energy to assure the president’s election the way they did in 2008.


“Swedish TV shows teacher supporting Obama, browbeating student who supports McCain(read text)”

(Notice there is no Peano Axioms poster in this classroom.)


Meanwhile Steve Sailer has developed a chart of the anti-America coalition that backs Obama.

==Sailer anti-America chart


Steve Sailer anti-America Coalition Chart

Steve Sailer: Obama’s anti-America Coalition Chart


The disaffected and disconnected vote for Obama.

=Excerpt from Sailer

Obama’s most fervent slices of the electorate are the marginalia: black single mothers, blacks, Muslims, gays/lesbians, single Jewish women, Hindus, single Hispanics, people who don’t actually expect to be part of the electorate, single women, single other races.

(Peter Brimelow has called this polarization Anti-America vs. America.)


Obama’s is an absurd coalition. It can be motivated only by exacerbating the bitterness of its members toward people fortunate enough to be closer to the heart of America. The correlation between being an Obama supporter and personal unhappiness, alienation, or dysfunction is not coincidental. The iconic Obama supporter is the black single mother.

Or another example: single Jewish women [44] tend to have a lot of issues, such as: Why am I still single? This often leads to resentment of Jewish married men and their non-Jewish wives [45].  But you’re not supposed to write about that. It’s too embarrassing. So much of single Jewish women’s anger gets channeled into more socially acceptable MSM denunciations of Angry White Men and their War on Women that allegedly causes the Gender Gap.

In contrast, Romney’s most supportive group is Mormons [46]. Then come married white Protestants [47], white Protestants, married white men, married whites, married white women, white Catholics [48], whites, married men, and so forth: Americans who have a life. [49]

The plan fact is that core of Romney’s support is the core of the nation: [50] the kind of people who built America into the world’s leading country and who still keep it running.

And that ought to be obvious to everybody.

That it’s not is a largely a testimony to the debate-shaping power of America’s Main Stream Media, heavily dominated by the Fringe—and another example of the intellectual calcification I cited at the beginning of this article.


That intellectual calcification is why the math behind elementary math, Peano Axioms, is not part of K-6 education.  The Peano Axioms are shorter in length then than the Lord’s Prayer and can be learned by children in first grade.

Teachers and college professors as part of the anti-America coalition don’t care.  The anti-America coalition and the anti-Peano Axioms coalition are one and the same coalition.


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