The Prussian Axioms of Universal Education

This post is based on the Prussian school system the origin of universal education in the 18th century.

  1. Schools should be run by a former military officer or clergyman.
  2. A former non-commissioned officer should be in charge of athletics and of discipline of boys.
  3. Students should never be fed to the point of contentment, since hunger is a necessary condition of the development of the mind.  (This was recognized early on in Sparta.)
  4. Students not presenting homework at school from the prior day should be conditioned to expect little in the way of lunch.
  5. So that teachers can instill the necessary rigor, they also should be on tight rations during the school day.
  6. If the students fail in their tests or homework, both students and teachers should be restricted in the extent of their portions until the condition is rectified.

Universal Math Education

  1. Students must be prepared for a work life where they can account for their time and use of supplies numerically to their employer.
  2. Students must be able to prepare an account of their activities each day including proper use of numbers.
  3. Employers, especially of the nobility, do not wish to have to spend excessive time instructing employees and certainly not to repeat their instructions or have them not followed from poor memory of the employees.  For this reason, students are taught to be able to read instructions including use of numbers and simple math.
  4. Printed instructions for use of equipment including numerical instructions and specifications are to be understandable to employees without excessive explanation by their employers.
  5. The development of symbols of math such as the plus, minus, division and multiplication signs and their use with place value notation is essential for the student to be fit for work at graduation.
  6. Precision with numbers, numerical calculation and understanding basic algorithms and concepts prepares students to be workers who can work with minimal instruction by their employers.


  1. A certain portion of students will be found to be capable of more advanced work in math.
  2. These students will be developed in their abilities so as to be able to discharge the requirements of artillery officers, engineers or of naval vessels.
  3. A few select students will also be found capable of instruction of the next generation of students.  For these further instruction in concepts and techniques of drill should be perfected.   A knowledge of the limits of drill and development for students of lesser aptitude should be part of this instruction.



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3 Responses to The Prussian Axioms of Universal Education

  1. Paul Salomon says:

    Are these from some authentic document, or is it a sort of riff you’re doing?

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