Counting on Definition of Addition

We define counting on by one and give it the special prime symbol.



We define addition by two rules for counting on.

Counting on by zero rule

n+0 = n

Counting on by one more rule

m+n’ = (m+n)’

This says that counting on by one more of the right addend equals counting on by one more from the previous sum.


2+0 = 2

Suppose we have already done

2+3 = 5.

Now we want to do 2+4.  Here 4 = 3′ we also know.

2+4 = 2+3′ = (2+3)’ = 5′ = 6

This is how we use that 2+3 = 5 in the substitution step.


If the rules are too difficult just call them facts.

Counting on Facts


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