Bracket chain of sets and numbers

Suppose 0 is something.  The Null. Whatever that is.

The number one is defined as the set that contains 0.

The number n’ is defined as the set that contains n as its

sole member.

So n’ = {n}

and 0 is some base object.

This is the Zermelo 1908 Construction.  This is according to Enderton Set Theory page 67.

Whatever the base object is, we get a bracket chain of sets. We can call this a bracket number chain.  It is a reference chain.

This defines each element of the chain.  We still have to define the initial segments or head segments.


H_n = {0,1,…,n}

Here H_n is not the same as ‘n, n or n’.


In the von Neumann Construction, we get head segments as part of the construction.  The VNC is the list of prior sets (which he calls numbers).



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