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This is part of a series of posts trying to understand what exists in math worksheets.  How much of math ed materials, especially at lower grade levels is math ed worksheets?

mathematics worksheets

The point of these posts is not to criticize the worksheets but to understand them.  Moreover, worksheets are looked at not as evaluating the creator of that sheet but as indicative of the market and of the state of education.

The sheets looked at may be best of breed and a testament to their creators, but in a quick and preliminary survey giving praise for making advances over what existed before is not our purpose.

Clicking on printable worksheets at the above link takes us to a totally different webpage.  This is not an uncommon experience with these webpages.  This makes it confusing to understand what is being offered and by whom.

By the way, if someone is selling worksheets for money, say so.  We don’t need to be brought to one website that says they are free and then click on download spreadsheets and go to another website that is trying to sell them to us.

Websites that do this destroy their credibility.  Even just being taken to another website without warning when you think it is part of the website you came to destroys confidence.  They are trying to sell math here.

Clicking on one of the links, numbers up to 100, we get taken to a video link and some sort of pop up type deal.

What is going on?  We were supposed to get worksheets to print down.

Clicking X to close the video, we get to an app page for doing a single problem. What about the worksheets we were trying to download from some prior website?

Noticing a small button towards the top of worksheets, we click at that. We now go to another page.

This one has a couple sample problems and then a lot of links saying become a member.  Why so many saying that?

Clicking on printer friendly, we just get 4 boxes with problems and the repeated become a member links.  This is still just an html page that is selling their service.

Do we really want to become a member after this run around?  Do you want to give them your credit card?

Are they Nigerians?  Remember, that Nigerian scams are done based on their feeling we are fools and deserve it.  This has been verified in studies. The same with scams from Russia and other countries.

Try the search

adaptedmind scam

Contact info from original website


Question #1: How do I contact Math-Drills.Com with my suggestions, comments, or other input?

You can e-mail the site administrator at:


No person’s name, no address, no telephone number.


Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.



Same thing, no person, no name. They don’t even acknowledge the relationship to the original website, which was from France.  It probably is not professors at University of Paris.  It could be people from the Middle East or North Africa trying to scam us.  They have the attitude if we fall for it, we deserve it.

So until we get some real people taking ownership of this, I would not give them credit card info or any of your info, even your email.

==IXL came up in one of these searches, and I record this link for later analysis.








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