Aaron Swartz wrote about US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay in 2008

Aaron Swartz wrote about US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay at his blog.


“So that’s Lawrence Summers for you: letting his friends use US
government money to loot Russia, then using Harvard money to make sure they aren’t punished for it.”

This was written in 2008.

Following is speculation:

The JSTOR articles would help show that Shleifer knew embarrassing info on Summers. That is discussed below. In particular, that Russia knew of plagiarism by Summers’ uncle Paul Samuelson, that Russia used that to pressure IMF loans from Summers in the 1990s, that Shleifer knew this and this is why Shleifer was kept as a professor at Harvard.

Lessig is head of an ethics center at Harvard and so must know about this case.

So why was Swartz prosecuted so hard by USAO Mass but Shleifer was not and Shleifer is still a prof at Harvard?

Prior to 2008, info on this case was available on the Internet and Aaron Swartz could have learned from that or from those at Harvard, that JSTOR would help expose it.

The above is speculation.  Please restate all content as questions.  This is not meant to disparage or accuse any person.


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