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New Math Done Right is about a series of books Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right.  These books cover the transition from arithmetic to algebra.  They are in the spirit of Hermann Grassmann, Richard Dedekind, and Giuseppe Peano.

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All content is Copyright @ 2012  All Rights Reserved Mark S. Tenney.

Mark S. Tenney is president of Mathematical Finance Company.  This company provides economic scenario generators to financial institutions.  He has provided assistance to several task forces of the American Academy of Actuaries, including currently the Modeling Efficiency Work Group (MEWG).

The papers by Beaglehole and Tenney published advanced formulas in partial differential equations of Mathematical Finance.  These are widely used in finance.

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The Double Mean Reverting Process developed by Tenney is a model of interest rate movements widely used in financial services.

Mark Tenney lives in Fairfax County near Alexandria, Virginia.

Telephone 703 799 0518


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  1. web site says:

    Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the great work.

  2. Elias says:


    l enjoyed your book showing how algebra could be learned using recursive addition. Any chance you could write another focusing on multiplication?

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